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Ok, painful feels aside, I have questions about the timing of the election.  In my experience, presidential elections don’t get called until close to midnight or after because of the nature of the process and because of how contentious it can get.  Here it looks like it’s late afternoon.  How the hell was the election called that quickly?  Was Jerry’s death that much of a boost or was it just “Scandal time”?



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I lie in bed every night and I play our relationship over and over again in my head like a movie. We meet. We fall in love. We can’t stop ourselves. We’re meant to be. I give up everything inside me and then it stops. The movie just stops. I don’t know how it ends.

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No, you don’t, Olivia. You want to but you don’t know how and instead of trying to figure out how to love him and more importantly ,love yourself, you hide behind White Hats and run away like a coward at the first sign of trouble instead being a true Gladiator and fighting for the life you really want, with and without Fitz. No, you don’t love him. You don’t love yourself. You don’t value yourself. And until you stop running and really face your demons head on, you’re going to be miserable and alone, even with your substitute soulmate in the Sun. Hopefully, he doesn’t give you another concussion to protect you. And hopefully, Fitz doesn’t take you back immediately or even at all. He needs to divorce Mellie and right now, the way you are, he stays to stay far the fuck away from you.


Agree, trumpetnista. I refuse to believe Olivia really loves Fitz. She thinks she does, but at this point, she doesn’t.

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